The story of Château de Mauvanne

Château de Mauvanne, the story of which dates back to the 17th century, was named after the "Lords of Mauvans".

From that moment on, several owners succeeded each other of whom the well-known artist, Simone BERRIAU, who bought the domain in 1934. At the end of the Second World War she restored the domain which then became one of the great prides to the town of Hyères. The wines were served on the best tables in Paris and Madame BERRIAU received several VIPs of show business.

Since 1999 and after a complete renovation, Monsieur Bassim RAHAL, a Lebanese winemaker from the Bekaa Valley, works the vineyard with competence and joy. Thus he confirms the renown of the production of high quality wines that regularly obtain prizes on different shows and exhibitions devoted to the best wines worldwide.
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Château de Mauvanne vineyard

Château de Mauvanne

2805, Route de Nice
83400 HYERES (Les salins)

Tel. ( office ) : 04 94 66 40 25
Tel. ( wine shop ) : 04 94 00 48 42
Fax : 04 94 66 46 29
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