The wine cellar

Wine Making

Our wines are elaborated in the traditional way at a controlled temperature in order to extract the best aromas. The white and rosé wines are directly pressed whereas the red wines have long soaking. All our wines are bred in thermo regulated double wall stainless steel tanks. Some qualities of red wines are bred in oak barrels.

The Crus Classés

The story of the Crus Classés started when some winemakers from the Var decided to federate so as to promote their vineyards and their wine. A commission of experts selected 23 domains after a close study of the soils, know-how and reputation. The owners of these domains obtained the prestigious title of "Cru Classé" in 1995 upon departmental order.


Château de Mauvanne vineyard

Château de Mauvanne

2805, Route de Nice
83400 HYERES (Les salins)

Tel. ( office ) : 04 94 66 40 25
Tel. ( wine shop ) : 04 94 00 48 42
Fax : 04 94 66 46 29
Côtes de provence - Cru classé